Lets start this topic with Similarities

•statically typed

•free and open-source

•convert code to ByteCode


•object-oriented programming languages

1. Statically typed

Both Java and Kotlin are statically typed language, it means type checking is done at compile time. (There are dynamically types languages as well some examples are PHP, Python, JavaScript)

It can be understood with below example..

Background processing means something happening in the background and not literally visible to user.
Any task that takes more than a few milliseconds should be delegated to a background thread.
To keep our app responsive all time is an important part while developing an Android application, .

Making a network request on the main thread causes the thread to wait, or block, until it receives a response.
Since the thread is blocked, the OS can’t call onDraw(), and our app freezes.
It can lead into an Application Not Responding (ANR) dialog

An app is considered to be in the foreground…

Amir Ansari

Android Enginner

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